Can I increase my home’s value by going green?

Make your home energy efficient

Sustainable features are a unique selling point for properties!

What are my options?

Making energy efficiency adaptations will add value to your home as more and more buyers are looking for eco-friendly features.

Here are the top ways to go green and improve the value and saleability of your home:

  • Install quality glazing

Double glazing has become industry standard now but did you know you can also get triple glazed windows and sky lights? Whether you’re looking to replace your windows, build a loft conversion or an extension with rooflights for a flat roof, make sure to choose the most energy efficient windows possible. Click here to browse.

  • Fit an energy efficient condenser boiler

Talk to your plumber about the latest energy efficient models out there. New advances in boiler technologies are made constantly which means that they are becoming more and more affordable. Having an efficient boiler is a great sellingpoint as buyers know that their energy bills will be lower. For gas plumbing services click here.

  • Add solar panels

We have lots of information on this site about solar panels for the home. Read more here or contact us for advice. Check out this site for more news on solar panels.

How much value could it add?

The exact value is hard to estimate exactly Make sure you choose your investments wisely and speak to professionals to get advice.

An article in the freesheet newspaper thelondonpaper on 1st March 2017 predicted that within 3 years eco-friendly features could add 6% to the market value of a house – adding £15,000 to a property worth £250,000 in London. The research was carried out by website, who said “investing in eco-friendly technology and choosing energy from renewable sources will be a great way to ensure that your house stands out from the rest“.

Research by builders merchants Wolseleys found nearly 63% of adults in Britain would pay more for an energy efficient home, and 24% of these people are willing to pay between £1,000 and £5,000 on top of the property’s asking price for an energy-efficient home and 11% say they would be happy to pay up to £10,000 more.

So convert your home to being eco-friendly for long term rewards!



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