World class solar services

PV Solar panels

One of the most lucrative and energy efficient ways for the micro-generation of renewable energy is with the use of solar PV cells, or solar panels.

Our solar installers are experts in the field and will only take 1 to 3 days to install the entire system on your property. We will install the panels along your roof so ensure that your roof is in perfect working order if not then contact local roofers to receive great quality roofing services!

By using Solar Power UK you will also qualify for the feed-in tariff scheme which provides you with, at present, up to 43.3p p/kwh for all of the electricity you produce with your solar panels.

Solar thermal installation

We will install a solar thermal hot water system designed specifically for your property so that it is making best use of your particular layout.

This will provide you with massive savings on your energy bills and since we use MCS accredited installers you will be able to make even more money when the Renewable Heating Incentive comes into effect

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